BTS Outfits(Jungkook,V) Best Selling Items in LBK

date 2021-06-08 02:11


Shall we find out which Korean fashion items BTS chose and which products were popular?

5th. 【23.65】 V running shoes
This is the Ugly Shoes in Korea that became famous after Jungkook chose it
as an airport fashion.

Sneakers, also known as 'Ugly Shoes', are very popular in Korea with a chunky sole.

Jungkook chose a new brand of shoes called [23.65].
The combination of white, beige, and navy colors stands out.



4th. 【DOMBA】 High Point Sneakers
These "DOMBA" shoes were also very popular in LBK.
(Especially, Indonesian customers bought a lot.) 

In fact, JK's shoes are luxury brand "Alexander McQueen".
But "DOMBA" has released almost the same design of that shoes. 

The shoes are very light.
and It is popular because it looks tall!!
(It is currently out of stock)


3rd. 【Zijangsa】 Casual Modern Hanbok
This is a Korean casual hanbok that was very popular because Jungkook dressed casually.
It's really good for airport fashion because it's really comfortable.????

You can style it in a comfortable and hip-hop feeling :) 

The point is to wear a little loose fit.



2nd. 【COMPAGNO】 Pierrot Over fit Sweatshirt


This is the shirt Taehyung wore on Vlog.

A loose-fit shirt with a unique drawing, and with a fleece inside,
it is suitable for fall and winter seasons.


1st. 【DIAMOND LAYLA】 Flugg Mood Check Shirt


It's a check pattern shirt that you can wear it all the time.
became popular because JK styled in his casual jacket.
It's a basic check that everyone should have at least one in their closet.
The color doesn't stand out, so it's a useful product to keep.

as a list