Let's go Pokemon With Hive City

date 2022-06-03 02:15


Baskin Robbins Opens

“Pokemon With Hive City”  

Baskin Robbins, run by SPC Group, announced on the 4th that it will operate "POKMMON WITH HIVE CITY" that applies the theme of global popular content Pokémon.

"Pokemon with Hive City" will be operated at Baskin Robbins' "HIVE Hannam" located in Hannam-dong, Seoul for 46 days from the 5th to June 19th, and anyone can enter for free of charge.


In particular, in addition to Baskin Robbins, SPC Group “Dunkin” and “Samlip” are also available to enjoy various Pokémon products at the same time.  

The 6-story Pokémon with Hive City consists of spaces where you can enjoy Pokémon in a variety of ways, including Food Zone, Theme Zone, Cafe Zone and Terrace Zone. (…)  


the source of news : Dailian 



Baskin Robbins meets Pokémon 🤭 Let's go catch Pokémon!  


The Baskin Robbins series is back after a long time 🍦 Today, I brought a Baskin Robbins store that became Pokemon Heaven.

Those who failed to get Pokemon bread should run too (You can check out the details below 😉) Pokemon City at Baskin Robbins Hive Hannam! Let's run before it's too late.    



There will be a Pokémon craze all over the country(korea) and there will be many people who are into Pokémon.

Did you know that Pokémon with Hive City was held in the Baskin Robbins Hive Hannam store? I think the Pokemon lover has tried open-run or waiting.

It's been three months since Pokemon bread was re-launched, but it's still very popular 🔥  


The Pokémon With Hive City store has Pokémon theme songs from outside, and the exterior as well as the interior are decorated with Pokémon themes. Pikachu lovers will be especially excited!  

This place has a Pokémon world, such as a food zone, theme zone, cafe zone, and theme zone. It's 6 stories tall! At the food zone on the 2nd floor, It sells Pokémon products introduced by Baskin Robbins such as Pika Pikachu!" "Come out! Squirtle” and Pikachu Choco Banana Blast.    

The 3rd floor is the goods zone!

They sell umbrellas with Pokémon characters, Pikachu fans, Pikachu key rings, and Pikachu hood towels.

Pokemon goods, which were difficult to buy online, are gathered in one place, how can you not go?!


Above all, you can buy Pokemon bread! However, those who succeeded in purchasing it because it was a limited sale made an open run.  



💡 The Meaning of "Open Run" in Korea

➡️ The term refers to the phenomenon of waiting before the store opens and running to buy things as soon as the door opens

➡️ It refers to showing and performing indefinitely without setting a closing date.

the source of news : Chosun News


The 4th floor is a theme zone where you can play with Pokémon. You can meet the Pikachu-shaped electronic display and the pink sofa in the ball pool space.

Enjoy each floor and relax in the cafe zone and rooftop terrace zone on the 5th floor and have coffee or ice cream, which is the perfect course.  


Let's know this before we go!

✅ It runs until June 19th, so make sure to take a note on the calendar!

✅ 3rd floor (goods zone), 4th floor (theme zone), 5th floor (café zone) rooftop (terrace zone) must bring a waiting list. In other words, if you succeed in waiting, you can go up to the 3rd floor or higher!

✅ You can use it up to the second floor (food zone) without a waiting ticket.

✅ The wait is severe. Let's try open-run!  


At 10 a.m. every day, the Lucky Draw Event, which allows up to 100 people on a first-come, first-served basis, will be held and the first-place winner will be presented with the Pokemon Sticker Seal.

Thanks to this, we have 2 hours of waiting every weekday. Up to 1,500 people a day on weekdays and 2,000 people on weekends.I think there will be less waiting time than May from today.

There's still time left, so I hope Pokemon lovers will succeed in entering Pokemon City. ✨  


the source of news : 3hoursahead


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